Golf legend, Tiger Woods accused of sexual harassment by ex-girlfriend Erica Herman

According to a court document, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has accused him of sexual harassment. She also claims he pressured her to sign a non-disclosure agreement or risk losing her job.
Herman, 38, who dated the 15-time major winner, 47, for nearly six years, submitted the paperwork late on Friday in Martin County, Florida, through her attorney, Benjamin Hobas.

The Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods

The lawsuit, which Herman believes is being unlawfully enforced against her in violation of the Speak Out Act, is the most recent in her campaign against the golfing legend.
Herman said in the most recent document that Woods pursued a romantic relationship with her at his South Florida restaurant while she was working there and coerced her into signing an NDA.

‘Mr. Woods was Ms. Herman’s employer,’ Hodas, Herman’s attorney, noted in the document seen by DailyMail.According to Mr. Tiger Woods’ account of what transpired, he required her to sign an NDA for her to continue working for him after they started dating. Sexual harassment occurs when a boss requires a worker to work under different circumstances because of their sexual relationship.
In addition, according to Hodas’ report, “Tiger Woods, the internationally renowned athlete and one of the most powerful figures in international sports, decided to pursue a romantic relationship with one of his employees, forcing her to sign an NDA about it or risk losing her job.”

Tiger Woods

And when he lost interest in their romantic relationship, he coerced her into leaving her house, locked her out, took her money, pets, and other belongings, and attempted to bully her into signing a new NDA.
In accordance with the NDA, his lawyers claim they signed in 2017, Woods had previously attempted to move the conflict into private arbitration proceedings.
Herman wants the court to rule that the NDA is illegal or unforeseen, among other things because she alleges that he sexually abused her.
Herman made the shocking charge that the 82-time PGA Tour champion had sexually assaulted her in the case, which was filed in March, but she provided no other details.

Herman has not alleged any allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment in that specific landlord-tenant action, according to a filing from Woods in a separate dispute over her alleged tenancy agreement.
Herman, who worked at his restaurant The Woods Jupiter, also sued the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust in October; the trust is the legitimate owner of the property in Hobe Sound where the two cohabited.
Herman is now suing Woods’ alleged trust for $30 million, claiming that Woods duped her into leaving the Florida property they had shared for six years after their split in October.

She insisted that she had an oral contract with Woods’s trust, the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, the legitimate owner of their shared home in Hobe Sound, allowing her to occupy it for a period of 11 years.
Herman’s version of the circumstances leading up to the separation is expanded upon in the most recent document in her complaint against Woods personally.
The paper stated that the landlord “made the availability of her housing conditional on her having a sexual relationship with a co-tenant.”According to Florida and federal fair housing rules, that behaviour constitutes sexual harassment.

“The brief summary of the events here and the Defendant’s own linking of the purported agreement to his sexual motivations in both her employment and housing are sufficient to bring this case within the ambit of the Ending Forced Arbitration Act,” the plaintiff asserts.
In the complaint against the trust, Woods filed a motion in March asking for an order requiring arbitration of the tenancy issue in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Martin County, Florida.
Herman’s attorney adds in the document she submitted on Friday that Woods did not attempt to have their separation issue arbitrated when he ejected her from home in October.

‘Instead, he summoned a California lawyer who promotes himself as ‘Ray Donovan with a pen’ to unceremoniously remove Ms. Herman from the house through deceit and break up with her for him,’ the statement stated.
The plan consisted of persuading Ms. Herman to prepare for a weekend trip to the Bahamas. She was informed that this trip would be another spontaneous excursion that she and Mr. Tiger Woods frequently took. She just brought a few things because she thought she would be going home in a few days.
The lawsuit claims that after dropping her off at the airport, Woods instructed her to contact his attorney rather than boarding the aircraft with her.

Then, out of the blue, Mr. Tiger Woods’ California attorney informed her that she was staying put, wouldn’t ever see Mr. Tiger Woods again, had been locked out of the house, and couldn’t get back in, according to her filing.
She wouldn’t even be able to see her kids or her animals again. While she was still in the hangar, “Ray Donovan with a pen” began to berate Ms. Herman, (attempted to) get her to sign a (new) non-disclosure and arbitration agreement, and (advised) her that she had no legal rights.
Despite these “brutal and high-pressure tactics,” according to her filing, she refused to sign.

The complaint notes that when they removed Ms. Herman from the house and confiscated her personal belongings and dogs, none of Mr. Tiger Woods, his lawyer, or any of his other representatives “invoked any pre-existing arbitration agreement.”
With his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, Woods has two children: son Charlie, 14, and daughter Sam, 15.
Following their first sighting at the Presidents Cup in New Jersey in October 2017, Woods and Herman dated for six years.

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